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FX Lange offers you its services in the sale of steel and specialty metals. We can also carry out various quick cutting and drilling services to facilitate handling as well as anti-rust primer painting services to protect your materials.

Whatever your steel needs, FX Lange is here to help with bespoke solutions. We also offer public scale services for individuals and businesses, as well as a fast delivery service in the Greater Montreal area thanks to our truck or through an external carrier. Whatever your steel needs, FX Lange is here to offer customized solutions that match your requirements

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Sale of Specialized Steel and Metal Productss

At FX Lange, our business connections allow us to have quick access to everything tin circulation on the market, so if you need a specific product, we will find it and can supply it to you. There is no customer order too small or too large, we do everything we can to provide you with fast and efficient service.

Sale of New, Secondary and Used Steel

Our company sets itself apart with its wide range of steel products, including new steel, secondary steel and used steel. We are proud to offer premium quality new steel, meeting the highest standards in the industry. Our customers can count on the durability and reliability of this steel, perfect for their most demanding projects.


As for the secondary steel, it is new steel with slight defects, but still compliant with safety and performance requirements. This type of steel is an economical option for our customers as they do not need to purchase complete bars. They can buy the precise quantity they need, which is a cost-effective solution for their projects.

For those looking for even more economical solutions, we offer used steel. This steel is reusable, providing an affordable alternative for various applications. Our customers can save significantly while benefiting from the quality and strength of steel.

Steel Plate Rental

At FX Lange, find the largest steel plate inventory in one place. We have one of the largest selections of different sizes, with sizes available with a screw-on lifting ring. Our products allow you to speed up the loading and unloading process on the construction site and facilitate handling in tight places. Our lifting tool is available for rental or purchase.

Fast Cutting and Drilling Service

To speed up your projects and facilitate transport and handling, we offer cutting and drilling services with a blowtorch and an abrasive blade.

Custom Cutting and Bending Service 

Our business partners are equipped to perform precision cutting and custom bending, plasma cutting, mass cutting and laser cutting.

Painting service with Anti-Rust Primer

Our fast painting service with anti-rust primer is useful to protect your steel structures.


With our “Just in Time” service, our team - sometimes in partnership with external carriers -  takes care of the delivery of your products in the Greater Montreal area.


We have a valid public scale voucher at the SAAQ. Our services are intended for individuals and businesses. Contact us for any other reason or to answer the need to know the weight of a vehicle and machinery, etc.

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