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At FX Lange, we are a Quebec-based family business and we are proud of our heritage in the distribution of steel and specialty metals. With over 75 years of experience, our passion for steel remains intact and has allowed us to adapt to changes in the industry. We are currently in our 3rd generation, which demonstrates our long-term commitment to customer satisfaction.

We recently changed administration, but our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction has remained the same. We set out to modernize all levels of our business to meet the needs of our customers, while preserving the

approach and philosophy that have enabled us to succeed for all these years.

We are determined to continue to provide the best products and services at competitive prices, while maintaining our personalized, proactive and reliable customer service for businesses and individuals. Contact our team!


The FX Lange company was founded in 1948 by François-Xavier Lange with the aim of recycling metals (“scrapeur” being the moniker at the time).


In the 1970s we moved to our current location, providing a suitable and publicly accessible yard for metal recycling. This decision has allowed us to expand our customer base and meet growing needs.


During the 90s and 2000s, in order to expand our activities, a collaboration was set up between Adélard Lange and Denis Daigneault and we incorporated new products into our inventory such as the transformation of used steel into new and secondary materials. 


In the 2010s, our company was one of the forerunners in the Greater Montreal area to introduce the plate rental service. We made sure to adjust our products to customer demand and market realities. Over the years, we've continued to focus our services on steel recycling to increase our offer of secondary and new steel. At FX Lange, the 2020s saw the “Arrival of the 3rd Generation” with the modernization of the business, processes, etc., and other projects to come.


To be first on our customers' minds, to be a reliable and trustworthy source where we seek and find everything for you. If it's on the market, we'll find it!

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Family and Proximity  (as much towards the team as towards customers and suppliers)

At FX Lange, the success of our business is closely linked to the involvement of our employees and the relationships with our customers and suppliers. We take your satisfaction to heart and our team cares about your well-being;  we aim to strengthen the feeling of belonging of our employees and customers so that all feel that they are part of the family.

Reliability and Dedication

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront for the FX Lange team. Our priority is to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers in an optimal way. For this, our team works hard to find the best solution for each customer and not just the most profitable for us. We guarantee compliance with the agreed deadlines, fast service, quality products and an exemplary error rate.

Loyalty and a Strong Bond of Trust

At FX Lange, we strive to establish a relationship of trust that lasts. The majority of our employees have between 15 and 35 years of service and we have decades of business relationships with customers and suppliers.

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